Fitness Friday: Slimfast Startup

how I make slimfast work for me

Happy Fri-Yay! How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Yeah… not so great over here either. I made 7 goals this year and I’ve really fallen off the wagon with pretty much all of them. So I decided to start over and refocus, I’m still working with the same goals because they are still something I want to strive for. However, I’ve pretended that I just started achieving them, starting February 1. And I have actually seen a real difference (well it’s only the 5th but I’ll take it!). Anyway, one of my goals is to ‘learn how to be fit and healthy’ similar I’m sure to most people who want to lose a little weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. And to complete my goal- enter Slimfast. Now usually I don’t partake in fad diets or things of that nature but Slimfast is different for me. It still let’s me have options while also giving me limits when/where I need them. Let me explain…

First off the Slimfast plan is based on 1, 2, 3. One 500 calorie meal a day, 2 meals of Slimfast products, and 3 100 calorie snacks. Easy to remember, pretty easy to follow. One of the things I struggle with is that I don’t eat breakfast. So instead I drink a Slimfast smoothie or better yet, use the chocolate protein powder as COFFEE CREAMER! It works like a charm, and helps me feel full for 4 hours without sacrificing my morning cup of joe!

slimfast protein powder as coffee creamer, yum! slimfast tips and tricks

Another aspect of eating healthy that I struggle with: snacks. I don’t eat a lot of food at one meal because I love snacking along the way. With Simfast I take snack, 3 snacks a day! Usually I use up a snack with lunch, I eat a Slimfast meal bar and 100 calories of fresh vegetables. And I still have 2 more snacks! Slimfast designed some tasty 100 calorie snack packs which are perfect for on the go! I love the Cinnamon Bun Swirls and the Sour Cream and Onion Chips! I love having a few snacks each day but by having limits of 3 a day and 100 calories each, I can keep my eating in check.

Slimfast review, Slimfast plan Slimfast review, weight loss tips

I only just started the Slimfast plan so I will check back in a couple weeks with some progress and updates!

*This product was given to me by Influenster to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Capsule: Resources and Ideas

capsule inspiration and resources

This month’s installment on my journey to creating a capsule wardrobe is one of my favorites. I stumbled upon the idea of capsule wardrobes on Pinterest so it is only natural that I found lots of different ideas and resources as to how to build a lasting capsule. Notice I said lasting capsule. I have tried shorter trial runs with capsuling, a 333 challenge and a 20 pieces for 30 days challenge. This time around, I want a lasting group of clothing that will serve me for a while. I’m setting my personal goal on a wardrobe under 30 pieces year round. I plan to add 5 to 6 pieces of clothing each half year (spring/summer and fall/winter). This way I have a set of clothing that I wear all the time (the capsule part) while still maintaining the idea of change and some statement pieces. I think this is the key to having a capsule, basics get boring but having a couple pieces can shake up the whole thing and add a lot of interest to your closet. My idea is based on one from Pinterest, the “5-piece French Wardrobe“. Now I am not French nor do I think I dress in the stereotypical Parisian fashion. However I was really drawn to having a set of clothes that I wear year-round while adding in pieces once a month. Another blog “Unfancy” is my favorite; I liked the idea of having a capsule for each season however where I live the seasons bleed together too much. So I feel like I would be in an odd transition (for example Spring/Fall weather lasts like 3 weeks where Summer and Winter last months on end). I think a year round capsule with a few tweaks every so often will keep up with the weather better.  In addition to finding great inspiration there is a number of resources to help you put a capsule together. My favorite is this planner over on The Blissful Mind and Greater than Rubies blog provides great inspiration to break up with shopping!

Outfits of the Month

January OOTDs, winter fashion, plaid, vest, kendra scott, kate spade Preppy OOTD, teacher style, intership outfit idea, kendra scott, loft

ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, j crew vest ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, j crew vest, plaid blanket scarf ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, j crew, kate spade ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, loft, j crew ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, starbucks, monogram, kendra scott, rocksbox ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, j crew, rocksbox ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, j crew, plaid ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, coach, leather loafers, plaid button down ootd, preppy fashion, teacher style, internship outfits, kate spade, kendra scott

If anyone were to ask me my favorite social media outlet, I would hands down say Instagram (and if we aren’t friends over there, that needs to change!). I could scroll through pictures for hours and I love double-tapping! Anyway, I post my daily #ootds (outfit of the day) on Instagram and recently decided to share them over here. So here are the first 4 weeks of the year, as documented in my Insta pics. The first week as super hectic, I started student teaching and trying to get into the swing of a school day is more difficult than I thought. Not to mention my first week was spent in jeans and school spirit shirts, which don’t really make for fashionable outfits. The second week of the year was way better as far as my Instagram feed goes! Tunics and boots ruled the week, while squeezing in time for lesson planning and dinner with friends! The third and fourth week of 2016, patterns took center stage whether it be plaid, stripes or polka dots or all of the above! January has really flown by!


Capsule: What It Is

what is a capsule wardrobe

Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? Honestly I hadn’t until about a year ago through the blog Unfancy. Although Caroline isn’t adding to her blog, it is quite the gem to be found. She wears 37 pieces of clothing for a season and then switches out those clothes for 37 different pieces. So at any time, she is creating outfits with under 40 pieces of clothing! I’ve been pretty inspired by this, having completed a 30 pieces for 30 days challenge as well as the 333 challenge which includes wearing 33 pieces for 3 months. Both of these challenges have stretched my thinking when it comes to just how many clothes I need in order to create outfits I love to wear again and again. Over the next couple of months I will be diving in and shaping my closet into a set of clothes that I love to wear. I’m focusing on basic pieces that are high quality and classic, staying away from cheap high fashion options. I don’t know what my number will be as far as pieces of clothing go, right now its looking like it will be around the 30 mark. There are different types of capsules, which I’ll be researching for you and reporting back in February so stayed tune for that.

Now you tell me, could you create a capsule wardrobe? How many pieces would you include? And what are some of your most worn pieces that you simply can’t live without?


try dry, spray deodorant review

Happy 2016 everyone! Now I’m sure a lot of you have made some New Year’s Resolutions, like spend more time with family or lose a couple pounds. If your goal this year is the latter, like myself, some essentials are in store. Starting with smelling nice while working out. I mean I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to stink while attempting to run a mile or figure out how to lift weights. Degree was nice enough to send me some of their new deodorant, the spray kind that you might have seen on tv? Well I’m going to be the first to admit that I have never tried spray deodorant (I mean how does it even work?). However, I decided to give this a go, and the results have completely changed my mind! This clinical strength spray keeps me smelling fresh, even while I nervously attempt a pull up or run on the treadmill. It stays on and isn’t that difficult to use, which was a big worry of mine. Like when I wear deodorant I want it to work with easy and this fits the bill.


I received this product from Influenster, however all opinions are my own.